There are many types of counseling. All of which can be tailored to fit your individual needs. 

Individual Counseling

Sort through challenges and obstacles and cultivate clarity and peace in your daily life. 

I work with individuals from all ages and walks of life. I have a particular heart for teenagers and young adults from my years of work in schools and ministry.

Couples Counseling

Improve communication, resolve misunderstandings, and increase satisfaction in your relationship. 

I have a deep passion for couples counseling as well as providing community outreach through marriage ministry.

Post-Annulment Counseling

If you are looking for post-annulment counseling, meeting with me fulfills the requirement of meeting with a Mental Health Counselor needed for the Diocese of Orlando.

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Frequently asked questions

Isn't counseling and therapy for people with serious problems? My situation is not that bad.

Counseling is for everyone! ​There are no challenges too small for a counselor to work with you. If there is something that challenging to you, then it is important and is worthy of time and attention. Everyone deserves to pursue their best life and their best self. You are no exception.

I already have a friend I go to with my problems. Why do I need you?

Many of us have that one friend we can reach out to when times get hard. And counselors will often encourage clients to talk to those friends. Counseling is a different kind of relationship from friendship that has unique benefits to offer. Counselors are trained to be objective and to put their own agendas and biases aside. They are also trained helpers: as counselors our goal is to empower you to create your own solutions, solutions that work for your life.

Why do I need to go to counseling? Shouldn't I rely on God and prayer?

Counseling and prayer are not opposed to one another. In fact, counseling can help to remove persistent obstacles that often appear in our faith journeys. As your counselor I would absolutely encourage you to connect with your faith, to tap in to those parts of your life that are sources of truth, beauty, and love. Spirituality and faith are essential components of who we are as human beings. ​Counseling does not work in opposition of faith. Counseling sees faith as a strength and seeks to bring that into the process.

Strong people solve their own problems, I can figure it out on my own.

You're right, ​there are many people who can figure it out on their own. I would add that there are many strong people who also figure it out with the help of others. In my time helping others, I have seen many a strong person suffer needlessly in loneliness. Yes, you may be able to figure it out alone, and I would say you don't have to. We are created for community and created to help and be helped by one another. That is not weakness, that is true strength.